The chocolate treat with goodness of avocado

If you’re as big chocolate lover as I am, you know how hard it is sometimes to restrain. Good news folks, with this rich, creamy and vegan chocolate mousse you don’t have to! It’s super easy, takes 5-10 minutes tops and has few ingredients, all good for you. No worries, you won’t taste avocados at all. So ditch your processed junky chocolate and let’s make some healthy treat!

Here what you’re gonna need:

  • Unsweetened cacao (or cocoa? Who knows) powder – amount based on your preference
  • 1-2 medium ripe avocados
  • 1-2 medium ripe bananas
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup or honey
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Fresh berries and shredded coconut for topping (although here you can use anything you want)

Scoop out the avocados into a blender or food processor. Add all the other ingredients and blend together until smooth and creamy.

Top it with shredded coconut and fresh berries (or anything else you’d like).



Why everything temporary is your enemy

‘Oh this sofa is so cuteeee but I can’t buy it for my apartment yet because I rent it. That would be irrational. My old couch is still good for another couple of years. Once I become a homeowner I’ll start looking for interior design ideas’, I told myself two years ago closing the tab with the home decor page.

‘Okay, I’ll get this gorgeous jacket from Nordstrom I saw yesterday once I lose 3 inches in my waist. For now I’ll get something cheaper, this is only temporary’, I told myself a year ago.

‘I’m only gonna work here in Walmart for 3 months so I could save up some money. We can’t afford daycare so I’ll be working 5 to 11 and my kid will be staying with his dad while I’m working. That sucks that I barely see my husband but this is only temporary’, I told myself six months ago.

Settling down for everything “temporary”, hoping that it’s the only right option for now, occasionally happens to each of us. This word we use to shut down the anxiety and calm ourselves, saying that things are about to change soon. But time flies and we’re still not wearing that dress that we saved for better days, still live in the same apartments with no decor and working at places we’re not happy to be.

‘But life is unfair!’, some would say. ‘Not everything is always like we want it to be! I can’t afford to buy my own house yet. And I definitely can’t afford to quit my job, I have children to feed!’.

And that would be true at some point. But way too many people picture their life being perfect somewhere in near feature. Somewhere in three or five years. After graduation, once they get married, once they move out. But the truth is simple: life is here and now. And you choose how to live it – at work that you deeply hate, with people you don’t want to be with or in a body that you want to change.

Look at your life at this very moment as if you were a spectator not the main actor. What would you change right now? How difficult is it to change it right away? What stops you? What if you can’t do it at this moment?

If you see real options how to change those ‘temporary’ things that last many years  – great. Sometimes settling down and living this way becomes a habit. If not, the first thing you should do is to fix your mindset. Yes, you still can be a cashier at Walmart, but please, don’t say ‘It’s temporary’. Don’t think ‘God I hate you all’ while saying ‘Hello welcome to Walmart’. Smile to them, listen to them, learn, grow. Everything that happens to you is a valuable lesson. You can spend years living in trial mode and those will be years wasted away. You have one and only life. I know, I know, we’ve heard this so many times it has become a cliche. But seriously, stomp your old habits that hold you back like roaches – one by one or all together.

Just my thoughts for today.

Hope your day has some genuine and bright moments that make you feel alive and truly blessed.




Finishing this year like a champ

While everybody is being ecstatic about the beginning of Fall season, I’m here wishing for one extra month of summer. Because all the best things always happen to me in that season, including my engagement, marriage, my child’s birth, moving to US and traveling back home 3 years later. Entering into September also means one month closer to New Year and it makes me realize that, surprise surprise, I’m not even half way through my list of 2017 Year resolutions. But there is still some time left and I’m gonna make an effort!

Although raising this little boy, who’s currently in that stage of being a 2 year old little monster, is already a heck of a job, and probably the most important and rewarding job I’ll ever have, I feel like I struggle with balancing the motherhood, being in shape and some personal growth. So here are some goals that I hope to check by the end of this December:

  • Stay dedicated and consistent with this little blog of mine
  • Work out 3 times a week at least
  • Keep my current eating pattern which I’ll talk more about later
  • Buy and read a book a month (I know, not ideal, but I haven’t been holding a book in my hands for so long so let’s start here)
  • Improve my photography and editing skills
  • Get accepted into school for online classes

These are like major goals of mine I’m currently working on, although things are not very clear with the last point yet. What are your goals and which resolutions given last January you’ve successfully accomplished and which not? I’ll be glad to hear them! Thanks for stopping by and hoping you’re having a great day!